Ways to keep fitness routines interesting

Some people just love staying in shape and as long as they have a TV show to watch or someone to talk to while they’re working out, they’ll never be bored. Others, need variety or get easily discouraged after a week or two of the exact same routine. Today we’ll share some ways to keep fitness routines interesting!

Turn your favorite TV show into a fitness routine: there’s many tv shows that have been turned into routine sets of exercises that are done when a character in the show does or says something. If you want to pick your own, make sure these are things that happen or tend to happen often in the show.

For example don’t pick “10 squats every time Homer Simpson does something smart” as part of a routine if you sit down to watch The Simpsons because we all know he generally never makes smart choices!

“10 squats every time Homer eats a doughnut” is more accurate 😉

Do a different work out every day: keep your fitness routine interesting by trying out or doing different work-outs each day. Try yoga one day and a new aerobics routine the next, you won’t only be working different parts of your body every week but you will also learn new moves and exercises that you might be able to implement to your very own personalized routines!

You could also join a gym that gives different group classes each day. Not only this is a way to keep fitness routines interesting, it’s also a great way to meet new people.

Re-create or Change your Current Routine: basically experiment, try new exercises that promise similar or better results than your current routine. If you’ve already gotten used to your fitness routine, crank up the intensity level and set new goals for yourself.

Go on adventures: instead of looking for new work out routines or exercises, do physically challenging activities that you are not used to doing often. For example, you can train for a marathon, plan a trip to go skiing, mountain climbing, trailing, learn to ride a bike, or swim.




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