Top best exercises to do for weight loss

Everyone wants to be able to do the least exercise possible to reach the desired results. Seems like some people just can’t handle sweating for more than twenty minutes. I wonder, why? Sweating’s fun, isn’t it? Oh, well, regardless of that, research has shown that short BUT intensive work outs are the best for weight loss and getting in shape fast. But what are the best types of exercises to do to lose weight faster?

Cardio, cardio, cardio!

Cardiovascular work outs such as walking, bike riding, jogging and swimming will, as the name hints, boost and strengthen your cardiovascular system. What’s important to know?  Cardio work outs are the best for people seeking to lower their cholesterol, lower their blood pressure and burn the most fat.

Research has shown that after any work-out you continue to burn fat and calories for a much longer period of time and cardio work outs cause this same effect for an even longer period of time.

Strength and Core Exercises

Muscle tone and core strength exercises will help you burn fat while simultaneously gaining muscle weight (the only type of weight you should ever wish to gain). For weight loss, the best exercises to try out are those that work with the abdominal fat (the most dangerous one) and other fat deposits in your body that might be causing cellulite and stretch marks to show.

  • Ab Crunches: the classic ab crunch or most of its variants from the low impact to the most intense ones will help you burn the abdominal fat while defining the muscles of your torso. Start out easy with short sets of ten and increment the intensity and duration as time goes by. If you feel your abdomen trembling when you first do these, then you know you’re VERY out of shape.
  • Squats: again, the classic and its variants will help you strengthen the muscles in your legs, burn fat deposits and get rid of cellulite while defining your muscles. For people with well-defined butts, I’d recommend focusing the weight of their body on their thighs. For people looking to shape their butt-cheeks, focus the weight of your body on them.

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