Welcome to my blog! My name is Susan and I’m athlete settled in NYC with a Professional Trainer degree from Bryan University. Growing up I played different sports but mostly focused on track and field. I’ve always loved running more than anything else. It could be said perhaps that it’s a family thing since my mom was a track and field champion herself.

I graduated in 2009 and then moved for a brief period of time to Los Angeles where I learned a little about the DJ business. Now I mix my own songs which I use while training with my clients. Understanding music and beats is a skill any personal trainer must have to get the best out of their routines!

Now in NYC, I live alone with my two golden retrievers, Bub and Lucy, they’ve been with me through high and lows. When I’m not planning a new work out or fitness plan for a client, I like to walk my two best friends, go out for a walk down the busy streets of NYC or sit down to read a good book.

My dream someday is to have my own private gym and continue to help people reach and keep the body of their dreams. I’ve learned, created and given Zumba lessons, Belly dancing, kickboxing, and among others. My main specialty as a trainer is weight loss through cardio, aerobics and building muscular tone with Pilates and weights.

For now, I’m focused on my small business as a personal trainer and this blog where I’ll share different physical health and fitness tips along with recipes for powerful and energetic shakes, foods and more. I like to focus on healthy and balanced lifestyle that is achieved through regular physical activity, responsible eating and taking care of the wellbeing of our souls and minds.

My favorite time is the future because it’s full of possibilities!