How to plan your fitness routine

There’s a lot of thought that goes into planning and starting a fitness routine that satisfies your body’s need and meets the intensity level needed. Sometimes people want to avoid work outs that tone and define the muscle to spare themselves the pain of the first few days even when they know this type of work out is exactly what they need.

Time & duration: Usually the best time to do your fitness routine should be during the time of the day you feel most energetic. This depends on whether or not you’re a diurnal or nocturnal person. Diurnal people have little to no to trouble waking up early in the morning to do their work out while nocturnal people might need to wait till the evening hours (5-7pm) to finally begin their workouts.

Duration will depend on what’s your purpose for planning your fitness routine. Are you working out to stay in shape or to get in shape? To keep your body in shape short but intense routines 2-3 times a week are best. To get in shape, plan routines for more than 3 times a week.

Areas of Focus: simple, what are the parts of your body you seek to work on? Are you wishing to tone some flaccid areas or simply feel more strength? The areas of focus will determine the types of exercises and work-outs you’ll do.

Place and Work-out: the place you choose to do your workouts in needs to be a place where you can move freely. If you don’t have trouble joining a group-class or doing your routine in public then perhaps a gym or a park could be wise choices. If you’re too body conscious, then find a room or space in your house that works best.

The workout you choose to do will depend on the areas of focus. If you want to improve your stamina, aerobics and cardiovascular work-outs are best. If you want build muscle tone and body strength then weights or pilates are your choice. For people seeking flexibility, then yoga and stretching routines are the best.

Diet and Supplements

I recommend you visit your doctor and nutritionist, you might even want to have a consult with a personal trainer before you decide what supplements you will need during your routine or what foods you need to consume to stay healthy.




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