How to choose a good glazier and not a dodgy one

It is always tough bringing a stranger into your home, even if they are they to do a job and help you out. It can be very difficult to find a good glazier, this is because many of the good ones are in high demand because they are so dedicated to their work and customers. Unfortunately there are also some rather dodgy people who want to cheat you out of money, but fear not. We have created this guide to help you find a good glazier while avoiding the bad ones.

  • First thing’s first, always make sure that they are a licensed and certified glazier. They should have all the proper credentials and training accompanied with all the necessary paperwork. This means that they should also be carrying full insurance.
  • It is important to find out other’s experiences with the glazier. So you can either talk to references or look up online reviews, such as Yelp reviews. This will give you a general idea of how they work professionally, and how past clients felt about them. Don’t forget, when it comes to online reviews, that people are more likely to post when they are unhappy opposed to when they are happy.
  • Find out how long they have been in the business for. If they have been there for a while you should know that they won’t play a disappearing act on you. Disreputable companies tend to fade in time, while reputable ones often last. Remember that this isn’t always the case, and you still need to be alert about your new glazier.
  • Get other quotes for the job, some companies will strip their jobs back to the minimum so they can give the lowest price, but that can be problematic. So ask the more expensive company why their price is set the way it is so that you are objectively able to compare the difference (if there is one).
  • Find out if you can get a money back guarantee, and get it in writing. Those with strong belief in their performance will put their money where their mouth is. That being said, if another tree falls through your window, don’t expect it to get fixed for free. Window comapnies have to earn a living too.
  • Try to get flat fixed quotes, this way you know exactly what will be done and what you will pay. This is the most accurate way to find out what this will be costing you for glazing repairs and window installations.
  • Finally, if you are happy with their work, take their card and write them a positive review. Remember that you are helping other people out who are in the same position you were in. furthermore, since you have their card, you have begun a working relationship with the company. You know you can then trust them for your window needs if any should arise.

We chose a great local glazier and went through all the points above; Chelsea Glass.

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