Glass splashbacks

We spent a lot of time and a lot of money on our new kitchen. We just needed a few finishing touches. We wanted the builders to incorporate customised glass splash backs for us. We could not decide on a colour. We looked at loads of colour charts  and finally decided on ruby red for the colour of the splash backs.

The ruby red, glass splash backs, were custom made for us in toughened glass. They added some colour against the black granite work tops. The splash backs were toughened glass as opposed to stainless steel. We had seen so many splash backs, both glass and stainless steel that we did not like. I am glad we kept our options open until the last minute and went for toughened glass.

Next to decide on was lighting. I wanted to bring a feeling of real glamour and opulence to the kitchen and dining area. We decided on three simple glass suspension lamps. They are clear except for about an inch of fuchsia frosting. The fact that they were simple contrasted so well with the boldness of the ruby splash backs. They are very simple looking, but cost a fortune! We really had to justify spending nearly £500 on them but I am glad we did. I think it was worth it.

Next the piece de resistance! We decided on a chandelier for the eating area. A real touch of glamour! It could only be one colour. Black! We shopped around and found an eight light crystal chandelier in a black finish. It was fabulous! I couldn’t wait for the day when the electrician was due to come.

Well we were not disappointed. The suspended lights looked fab. Next the chandelier. Cool. So cool. It perfectly complements the kitchen. The eating area at night looks amazing. I am so glad we went with our first thoughts and did not get talked out of it. It’s glitzy, it’s glamorous. It’s us!


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