Top best workout programs to do at home

Whether you’re body conscious or you’re try to save money on a gym membership, I’d like to share with you my favorite at-home work out programs I like to do when I don’t feel like dressing up and stepping out the front door.

 In general, all of these programs have a model that is doing the high intensity version, one that is doing the medium intensity and one that is doing the low intensity version of the work out. When you first start out with any of your programs you might need to follow the low-intensity version but make these activities be a challenge for you and aim for that highly intense routine as you get used to it and learn the moves.

Zumba: a thrilling latin-dance music based work out program that will help you move your hips and burn the calories. Not only is this work out a great way to learn some great moves and give yourself room for freestyle, it is also a fun and dynamic way to add spice to your routine. If you don’t own any of their cds, many gyms, personal trainers, and work-out enthusiasts have uploaded to YouTube their very own Zumba-inspired routines or Zumba-inspired choreographic dances.

After you’ve learned most of the Zumba moves, go ahead and give it a try, make your own choreography!

Beach Body Turbo Fire: an intense 90-day program designed by Chalene Johnson and one of my all time favorites. Like me, Chalene learned how to work with music to create powerful work outs that go along with the beats. The program includes a booklet for a recommended diet to follow and as always, Beach Body recommends to buy their shakes.

Me? I just love challenging myself to do a work just as intense as Chalene’s and get those killer abs after 90s of merciless, muscle ripping work-outs. I mean, fun and rainbows, everyone!

What other work-outs you can do at home? Perhaps without investing any money in buying them? Let me introduce you to the biggest archive of free work outs: Youtube. More and more fitness vlogers, blog moms, fitness aficionados and professional trainers are choosing to use YouTube as a venue to create a name for themselves and share with others their fitness knowledge.

A quick search on Youtube will bring back all sorts of work outs that will last from 10-45 minutes. There are many programs you can use to download these work outs and keep them saved in your computer for future at-home fitness routines.