Top best diets to do for weight loss

Today I will share with you three diets I’ve tried myself and that have showed long-term results for me. Not only these diets are fairly easy to follow and affordable, they’re also HEALTHY. Nowadays people simply want to lose weight but they forget their body is a very complex power house that needs to be cared for attentively.

Low-Carb Diet:

We’ve talked about this one before, the low-carb diet consists of avoiding the consumption of sweets, sweetened beverages and other products containing refined sugars. You should cut down on foods like pasta, potatoes, corn, whole grain, bread and, rice, etc.

What’s so great about the Low-Carb diet? It’s fairly easy to follow because you can still make use of sugar free sweets to control your sweet-tooth and after the first two weeks or so, your appetite will be much more controlled because all your energy will be coming from proteins which make you feel fuller faster and last longer.

Going into the maintenance stage during this diet is pretty easily as all you need to do is follow a 2×1 rule which states that for every starchy portion in a meal you eat two non-starchy ones. So say you want a sandwich, your two slices of bread are the starchy portion, later you should add plenty of low-carb vegetables, ham tuna or chicken.

Low-Fat & Low-Cal Diet: 

This diet has gotten a lot of hate and bad rep based on terrible management and practices by many. The worst image related to this diet is anorexic young girls getting obsessed with counting their calories and burning more than what they consume.One of the issues with this diet is that, perhaps for the first three weeks or so, you will indeed feel very hungry. You might even have feinting spells and feel a bit ill.

If you symptoms get out of hand, consider visiting a doctor and a nutritionist but if they don’t, then drink plenty of water, eat slowly so that you get completely full and hang in there. The long-term health benefits to be reaped once you lose weight far outweigh the first few days of hunger and discomfort.

Intuitive Eating

The concept is very easy but not easily followed. During intuitive eating you eat what you want, when you want to. The only catch? You stop eating once you’re full. The concept of this lifestyle is meant for people to use food for what it’s meant for: energizing and filling your body with healthy nutrients.

This practice helps people get out of the “diet” mentality and learn to eat when their body needs them to not when they want to or crave for it.