Things to avoid doing before bed time

It doesn’t always require taking pills to get deep, peaceful sleep. In most cases we are just not aware of all the things we could’ve done better. Here are a few tips.

Avoid doing things that heat up your body. Usually, about 2 hours before you’re heading to bed, your body temperature starts sinking. If your body is heated up from working out or a hot bath, it will take way longer for your body to cool off again and shut down, and will get in your way of getting some deep sleep. Reserve your work-out for the afternoon instead and take your bath 1-2 hours before going to bed to aid your process of falling asleep; the more drastic your temperature drop, the better you’ll be able to sleep.

Avoid midnight snacks. Unhealthy, heavy-on-the-stomach foods are pesky nightmare-inducers, as salt and fat stimulate your brain waves. When it comes to drinks containing caffeine, you best ditch them even in the afternoon as caffeine remains hours-long in your body. If you don’t want to quash your hunger with healthy food before bed, it’s also fine to not eat anything. However, you should drink some water before going to bed so you won’t wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

Avoid doing, reading or watching things that will keep your brain active all night. On top of the No-Go list are, undoubtedly: Horror Movies, Horror books, Horror anything. But you should also not underestimate the impact of a perturbing conversation with someone: If you’re mad at someone, let your steam off the next day, not right before you’re going to sleep. Scientists agree that stress has huge influence on sleeplessness. Tomorrow is early enough to settle things.

Avoid wavelengths of blue light. There is a reason why majority of social media uses blue logos: the color blue decreases melatonin production which keeps us awake for longer. Blue wavelengths of light are emitting from computer screens, the TV, your phone and any other electronic device you can think of as well, so don’t use any if you plan on falling asleep soon. If you want to entertain yourself AND get tired, grab a good book (not the horror genre, though, and please not an e-book).

Make sure you clean your teeth, to keep them fresh and white.