Learn why vitamin D is SO important

Vitamin D is an oily vitamin that can only be obtained through our skin’s contact with the sun. The UV light catalyzes the reaction in our skin that helps our body produce vitamin D. Alternatively, we can help our body produce and absorb vitamin D by consuming healthy fatty acids such as omega-3 acids and some omega-6 acids such as nuts, and avocado among others.

Thing is that lately, we either get too much sun exposure or not enough. Living in these two extremes is costing most of us our health and our body’s optimum functionality. Its really just a mess. Vitamin D is plays a very important role in Calcium absorption. When the body fails to absorb calcium correctly, the calcium in our bones is secreted to make up for the calcium loss elsewhere. You can guess what this leads to, right?

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteomalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Loss of bone density
  • Easily fractured bones
  • Damaged joints

And we’re just just talking about the side effects that are directly related to our bones.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a wide range of conditions and ailments such as thyroid, metabolic syndrome, common obesity, certain types of cancer, pancreas and liver problems, heart problems and the list continues.

In many cases, such as that of obesity, low Vitamin levels happen because of the condition itself.  Research has shown that, obsese people tend to have low Vitamin D levels because of their obseity but consuming or increasing the Vitamin D on their system won’t help them manage their obesity. However, because obesity is also linked to metabolic syndrome and hypertension, it’s still important for people to seek better levels of Vitamin D in their bodies.

Whether you choose to do it naturally or take a supplement for a while, it’s important that you seek to improve your Vitamin D absorption. Please always make sure to visit your doctor to know whether or not you are having a Vitamin D deficiency and what’s the best dosage for you.

While Vitamin D deficiency shares a wide number of symptoms with many other conditions, it might not always be the cause for your particular ailment. The information in this article should not be a determining factor for you to decide to take Vitamin D supplements, visit a health care professional first.









Top best workout programs to do at home

Whether you’re body conscious or you’re try to save money on a gym membership, I’d like to share with you my favorite at-home work out programs I like to do when I don’t feel like dressing up and stepping out the front door.

 In general, all of these programs have a model that is doing the high intensity version, one that is doing the medium intensity and one that is doing the low intensity version of the work out. When you first start out with any of your programs you might need to follow the low-intensity version but make these activities be a challenge for you and aim for that highly intense routine as you get used to it and learn the moves.

Zumba: a thrilling latin-dance music based work out program that will help you move your hips and burn the calories. Not only is this work out a great way to learn some great moves and give yourself room for freestyle, it is also a fun and dynamic way to add spice to your routine. If you don’t own any of their cds, many gyms, personal trainers, and work-out enthusiasts have uploaded to YouTube their very own Zumba-inspired routines or Zumba-inspired choreographic dances.

After you’ve learned most of the Zumba moves, go ahead and give it a try, make your own choreography!

Beach Body Turbo Fire: an intense 90-day program designed by Chalene Johnson and one of my all time favorites. Like me, Chalene learned how to work with music to create powerful work outs that go along with the beats. The program includes a booklet for a recommended diet to follow and as always, Beach Body recommends to buy their shakes.

Me? I just love challenging myself to do a work just as intense as Chalene’s and get those killer abs after 90s of merciless, muscle ripping work-outs. I mean, fun and rainbows, everyone!

What other work-outs you can do at home? Perhaps without investing any money in buying them? Let me introduce you to the biggest archive of free work outs: Youtube. More and more fitness vlogers, blog moms, fitness aficionados and professional trainers are choosing to use YouTube as a venue to create a name for themselves and share with others their fitness knowledge.

A quick search on Youtube will bring back all sorts of work outs that will last from 10-45 minutes. There are many programs you can use to download these work outs and keep them saved in your computer for future at-home fitness routines.



Top best exercises to do for weight loss

Everyone wants to be able to do the least exercise possible to reach the desired results. Seems like some people just can’t handle sweating for more than twenty minutes. I wonder, why? Sweating’s fun, isn’t it? Oh, well, regardless of that, research has shown that short BUT intensive work outs are the best for weight loss and getting in shape fast. But what are the best types of exercises to do to lose weight faster?

Cardio, cardio, cardio!

Cardiovascular work outs such as walking, bike riding, jogging and swimming will, as the name hints, boost and strengthen your cardiovascular system. What’s important to know?  Cardio work outs are the best for people seeking to lower their cholesterol, lower their blood pressure and burn the most fat.

Research has shown that after any work-out you continue to burn fat and calories for a much longer period of time and cardio work outs cause this same effect for an even longer period of time.

Strength and Core Exercises

Muscle tone and core strength exercises will help you burn fat while simultaneously gaining muscle weight (the only type of weight you should ever wish to gain). For weight loss, the best exercises to try out are those that work with the abdominal fat (the most dangerous one) and other fat deposits in your body that might be causing cellulite and stretch marks to show.

  • Ab Crunches: the classic ab crunch or most of its variants from the low impact to the most intense ones will help you burn the abdominal fat while defining the muscles of your torso. Start out easy with short sets of ten and increment the intensity and duration as time goes by. If you feel your abdomen trembling when you first do these, then you know you’re VERY out of shape.
  • Squats: again, the classic and its variants will help you strengthen the muscles in your legs, burn fat deposits and get rid of cellulite while defining your muscles. For people with well-defined butts, I’d recommend focusing the weight of their body on their thighs. For people looking to shape their butt-cheeks, focus the weight of your body on them.

And general domestic chores helps you, or get a person in to help.